Marissa has fashion styling experience with adults and teens. Not only does she give fabulous advice for solving your everyday fashion dilemmas, she also gives teens advice on how pursue a fashion career.

Below are just some examples of the types of fashion stories Marissa has or can cover.  If you have a specific fashion story in mind, let her know!

Examples of story ideas:

1.  Copy runway looks for much less – how you can get trendy runway looks from head to toe for under $100.

2.  Teen fashion trends for much less – with TV shows like Awkward and Vampire Diaries, teens want the best of everything.  How to keep your wallet full and you’re teen fashion happy.

3.  How can your teen turn their love of fashion into a career – tips on how to get their foot in the door along with what really goes on behind the scenes.

4.  Sweet Sixteen, Prom and Formal looks and ideas for much less – how you’re teen can get the look they love and not spend a small fortune.

5.  Designer finds on a budget - how you can get designer looks for much less!